Naked Lunch

by John Stamps

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released July 15, 2014

Naked Lunch
Local Production by
knags & txtbook
Engineered by Matt Riefler


all rights reserved



John Stamps Indianapolis, Indiana

John Stamps has been making his presence felt locally in the Indianapolis hip hop scene while beginning to tour other US cities to broaden his growing fan base. Stamps recently joined local musicians to create the Ghost Gun Summer crew. They are set to hit the road for tour again at the end of July. He has opened for multiple major artists like Danny Brown, Jarren Benton, Cosby Sweater and MGK. ... more

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Track Name: 46201
Hook: 46201 317 x4

Verse 1: 46201 317. Im worried bout all my dogs cuz not all my dogs can go to heaven. I'm worried bout all a' yall cuz not all a' yall should be sellin'. But i know you gotta get in where you fit in so who am I tellin'? Im talkin' bout dirty business now 30 bitches gone' tell it. I'm talking 'bout white gowns took a white clown to unveil it. I'm talkin. bout street cracks I repeat back when I feel it. I'm talking 'bout deep tracks you repeat back when I kill it.

Bridge: Telling you anything that im gone' do
Everything that i've gone through
Everything I put on you and thats everything I think John do. x2


46201 317. I bet you'll do anything here all you need is a comfortable settin'. I know where I come from, but don't know where im headin'. I was at bar 52 when i used a pool cue as a weapon. I'm talkin' bout cash cab down to mass ave to get faded. I'm talkin' bout last call this my last straw with this lady. You know that i've said worse. I go head first Walter Peyton. Not known to strike out when i strike up conversation.

Bridge: Telling you anything that im gone' do
Everything that i've gone through
Everything I put on you and thats everything I think John do. x2

Verse 3 (Grey Granite): Muh fuckas keep hollerin' at me talking this and that. They say they done made it. I'm like that's cool but I really dont care i'm at the bar getting faded. Hated by so many I can't care. Look for me I ain't there. Lookin' for a blank check but in the end all a nigga really got was a fuckin' blank stare. In the mirror blowing smoke. Why are you here? Area code, future unclear. Then we switch that bitch into ghost gun gear, switch that bitch into ghost gun gear. Oooooh, It was such a cold winter, soldier. And these hittas got that heat they shoulda' told ya. Location unknown. Crept in mind blown. Rich in the Blood home grown. John Stamps 'll give them extra game. I said all dogs can't go to heaven, cuz all dogs aint the same. Shame. Game.

Track Name: Viva La Stamps
(Intro) Sirius Blvck:
I'm an
I'm an
I'm an
Last days of the savages call this the catalyst we are the renaissance.
the eye on the clock thats steering the flock that swing from the pendelum,
fuck your vanity canopy i just want stacks in the hands of my niggas.
when I questioned my sanity that's when i realized i'd come to my senses.

4 weddings and a funeral.
In the whip bump in utero,

Front row at the musical
Never catch me in a cubicle,

Suspects be the usual
In my city where it's beautiful

One time for the honeys and the homies that been rockin and they know me always told me it was doable

2 time for the city streets
3 times for the industry

Can't fuck with me visually
I Seymour like its synecdoche

I can feel the hostility
From my friends from my enemies.

The epitome of gimmicky
Big words from the little league

All a that negativity
Gettin lost in the imagery

Do you believe in divinity?
Will you live to infinity.

Do you worship the trinity,
Maybe practice polygamy

Catholic school full of affluent fools in a line for a ride that creates some stability.

Got damn,
Give me my money back we don't want none a that y'all can have fun with that,
Got damn
Running raps run it back where is your hunger at traveling from the nap
Got damn
We don't see differently I just see clearer efficiently instantly
Got damn
We don't need infantry I need a symphony you want some sympathy

Viva la stamps viva la stamps
Livin la vida with yo señorita
Viva la stamps viva la stamps
Big margaritas and veggie fajitas
Viva la stamps viva la stamps
Shop at amoeba I rock my Adidas
Viva la stamps viva la stamps
Hit up Garcia let's get this velveeta,
Ghost town my ghost town
I-n-d-i-a-n-a / i-n-d-i-g-o
ghost town my ghost town
-n-d-i-a-n-a / i-n-d-i-g-o
ghost town my ghost town
-n-d-i-a-n-a / i-n-d-i-g-o
ghost town my ghost town that soul sound like motown.
-n-d-i-a-n-a / i-n-d-i-g-o

Met a couple strippers down in Florida out in Tampa so I gave em both some gear took some pictures with they camera they were really trying to kick it but you gotta understand a they were nothing like the girls we got at home in Indiana.

Ever since I dropped out of college mother fuckers talkin bout the way that olive

Ever since I dropped vice city, pretty hoes started being nice to me,

Ever since We dropped piggy banx
Man Even old heads givin thanks

Why can't we get along now,
Smoke some weed do a song now,

Ever since we got tour dates dog I can really feel more hate,

Especially from the locals,
I'm about to go loco,

I don't feel I belong now,
Man I feel all alone how,

On the beach with a blunt out
I'm a preach til it runs out,

Chef came with the pot now hell yeah that's what I'm talkin bout,

KC brought the bitches out, and kept it jumpin like the Swisha house,

Grey g on his pic game
Dark b writing sixteens

Freddie b on his day job,
Now the crew going state wide,

Andy d in the place dog man homie showed me that it pays off,

OJ lost the van keys god damn triple a plan b

Track Name: Good Will Hunting
Read my mind like an open book,
Chapter one, page one,
This isn't really how I hoped to look, pastor can you save him,
Teacher can you teach me,
Momma can you forgive me,
Father can you reach me,
When I phone home like ET
I ,
Never really figured,
Everything is bigger,
Stepping in the picture,
In a puddle of elixer,
bubble like a blister 7 like the sixers,
Medicine man, heal me please,
Blind man show me what you see
Babies teaching me how to speak,
Start the vowels in about a week,
Wet pipes in a drought I leak,
Sign language come see me speak,
Die in vein in your sisters sheets,
Roll me up in a swisher sweet,
I was high when I picked this beat,
All I know is this shit hits deep,
Throw it on when these bitches creep, Throw it on when it gets to steep,
Stay real in this fake world,
steer clear from a hand out,
To stand out its gonna take nerve
Stick to what you planned out,
watch your fellow man doubt,
While everything you want pans out.
Children get your crayons out, create and then stand proud.

Stop can you not look your sun in the face, I'm not running away theres a nun in the way, and she told me that during this troubling state, I have Fallen from grace, to a terrible place, wine in the pitcher I fall in the vase, I'm thinking it's time that I call in the case, back to back shots so there's no need to chase, besides if u do I heard its just a waste,
Cigarette pack and I treat it like crack in the back of the lack with a sack of that fire, I'm higher then the thumb tack on a flyer for reeb macentire i learned that from devin the dude not snoop lion, the fuck is he buying and who is supplying sounds like its worth trying
I'm lying I'm stressed out, just as soon those test out,
I layed it down, stretched out, answer c is the best route, answer c is the best route, walking round with my chest out, and my girl saying I've checked out,
Like she fell asleep and I crept out, asking me where I slept how, things have changed she needs help now, me myself I need help to, but its Hard to work on myself, cuz see id really rather help you, to the point if effects my help, and those 12 steps that I fell through,
Bury me in hotel rooms,
Radio bumping hells tunes,
Wet towels itll smell soon,
Are there's People watching my cell phone,
Tape over my face cam,
Email full of fake spam,
Life as ugly as spray tan,
Fingers shake when you weigh grams,
making deals with ol Satan,
you can do it like they can.
Just as long as we stay fam.
Track Name: Mad World 2.0
Inched away to the opposite sides of the room, just wanna hide in a tomb, says the bride to the groom. She said the point theyve reached Is seeming like a dead end,
and she dont like where she think things are heading.
it took a couple words then an hour or two to set in, and then she called her mom and told her to call off the wedding, He told her that this ain't the time or setting, are you forgetting ?
yesterday we needed this and now your so ready to let in. Don't wanna bow out but out of courtesy he worries see especially when He's at fault for all her insecurities,
he'd burn his currency to not give up his current scene, and he doesn't know where to turn between the future and past, not understanding that for it to last, the car has gotta crash and we've got a lotta gas to make it last.
lets make a splash it could be a blast girl, but as you watch it all unfurl...
Understand it's a

Mad World
Understand that we're living in a mad world x4

She asked me why I've always gotta have my cake and eat it too, why I always run away and never stay to see it through, get to acting strange she said i change within the season moon, we don't need a reason girl thats why it's called unreasonable.
Use to make my heart race,
now It's just a car chase,
Went out with a bang on my stair case like scar face,
You should no my name, I got them strangs like a guitar case,
I got them strangs like a guitar case.

Track Name: Boom Bap
Bills due got my checks on the table, staring at the envelope trying to make up a label, and my homie need a (bleep) but I don't think that I'm able, cuz I'm a barely have enough after electric and cable.
When the times grow hard my generation is hateful, and then when shit be going good we find it hard to be grateful, plus my god and my girl both questioning if I'm faithful, I'm questioning If I'm safe so my my mind will take me a way no more time to be passing blame I'm blasting lames with Plastic slang a drastic change to traffic lanes, a cast of names that wrap the chain Your bastard gang has trashed the game and masked the track to change. And still the fact remains, this cactus came from stacks of cracks and grain

Hook: What to not do x8

Welcome to the nap you're bout to get a proper tour, roses at your feet it's looking like an opera floor, I am who they came to see you're just the slot before, you preaching peace and love but it could never stop a war, I am the one who knocks I think you better lock the door, I wasn't speaking to you the fuck are you talking for, As I survey the prey I got the boonoculars, and then I start to wonder why I do not do more.
Why I do not do dat do dat do do dat dat
do not do dat do dat do do dat dat
do not do dat do dat do do dat dat

It's Friday
I ain't had a drink in like five days
I'm a go to shi kay,
Sip until I'm sideways.
Eyes blazed
Single cigarette in the ashtray
Turn this bottle to a glass blade catch a class A
money on the table I'm gambling goin parlay
Five finger fila my Mila I'm feeling gnarlay
Make a couple a hundred hit the liquor store and partay
Hanging out the window with a swisher yelling shottay
How they gonna stop stamps,
She want me to counsel her,
But I never taught camps
Naught ay,
Now I'm on a yacht with a thot bumping YOTS she in her pop lock and drop stance,
Bout to call marvel up
Introduce em to the new villain if the youth feel him,
paranoia known to turn my life into a sick thriller,
rip one of your kidneys out and give the shit to Mitch Miller,
On ice,
Did it for a Klondike,
Tell me what's ya town like,
Known to get around like Sound bites,
Feel good, real good
Have a James brown night,
This is our town ghost town ghost town aight

Track Name: Beepers & Beamers
I was gettin' high, reading ham on ry having women by
Tell me now, if you live a lie
what's that signify,
That's a question with an answer I don't need to dignify.
me and Louis chilling it's him and I like aquemeni,
Sippin lemon lime
Give it time
John Lennon lines
Kickin spitting rhymes,
Getting down, let's kick it now,

It was just a white modern day lil Kim n' I
(It was just a white modern day lil Kim n' I)

Brass tax baby
brads brass
Make that ass clap,
That's that
Parking lot
See who gets the last laugh
He ain't a musician but he almost got his ASCAP'd
Stuffed inside the lancer like a bunch a fucking pack rats
Got a text from a girl that lives in broad ripple,
Broads from that side a town never leave that side of town,
So now I'm trying to talk a car full a people into heading north when all they wanna do is smoke and lie around.

Hook: And everybody got a beeper, (every body got a beamer) x3
And we ride til' the muh' fuckin' wheels fall off. Dudes talkin' too much gone n' pay me dog. Cuz everybody got a beaper, (everybody got a beamer.) Everybody got a beeper, (everybody got a beamer.)

Dabbed out
Bumping smash mouth
In a glass house
All you do is talk shit mother fuckin ass mouth
Watch the exorcist,
With my second pick,
Made my own bed, think it's time that I slept in it,
But that doesn't mean I gotta be the only resident
head in my lap of luxury that's
This the only way I know to be affectionate
Record player spinning Bob Mar wailing Exodus,

New check
Keep em on deck like a duplex,
Who's next
Hit em with the flip like a suplex
ooh Yes
And I still haven't got a clue yet
Yes I am the one who flew over the coo coo's nest
Track Name: Sin City
Intro: Two blunts two the face and im smokin' x4

Indiana Chief:
A wise man once told me you can only live this one time so i put my heart into it nike do it bitch its crunch time. Guess you aint got no choice when you're living on the front line. This aint just rap bitch its way deeper than punch lines. Been riding through my city steady screaming fuck one time. Gotta dodge those circumstances that will have you feeling confined.
Two blunts two the face im smoking.
Light the og im golden.
No stress when you're burning this potent.
Through the city im rollin'.

John Stamps:
What a day what a age, we think it's a stage but they got us in a cage. Taught to misbehave cuz it pays when that record plays let it play, whether the weather then they'll be better days...
Im better than ever but never the lesser I'm stressing,
Cuz It Get depressing when it comes with a message I'm guessing,
you'd probably rather live blind to the fact, and if that be the case don't rewind my shit back.
I put time into that
time into rap, into rap
mind in a trap, trying to get it back. get it back.
Grinding in fact when it's time to attack I'm aligned with the pack the return of the mac
The thoughts that cross my mind as I crossed the border my top down in to sin city.
you'll get lost in its immensity
I'm sure she'll over power me
And it's instantly with her intensity.
She senses me
never been a royal she kiss the ring,
let me go on im blistering.

King God
Stoned and Naked on a balcony
in my zone is sacred flesh speaking alchemy you a falacy.
I'm the devil.
My niggas call me god.
They all blast for me.
Twistin majesty giftin casualties
printing paper like a magazine you can get the issue won't make it complex
seen the unseen intervene in the darkness
gasoline in the vein wylin' hard to tame we are not the same. I don't work this hard to not change, been a frame never been a lame. King God know the name.

Freddie Bunz:
I swished and fell for three,
loud pack stay mellin' me,
every time i turnt the key i coulda caught a felony.
Pay rent on that get right,
In the hood and im rollin,
oil rig and i get right.
Show and proof when im flowin.
Airwaves in that cb,
beneath the waves in a deep sea. You can try but i'm never gonna die. You will never be me. Taking form from a liquid. Everything i touch is made of gold. And im immortal. So everything is really getting old.
sacred geometry visual is changing place,
they will honor me,
sending me to outer space.
Its all perfect mathematical geometric shapes.
sacred geometry, sacred geometry.
Track Name: Tapestries
I'm laying on my back in the nap getting lost in the tapestries
And i've been thinking bout how Let it be started out as an apple seed.
And it goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on x2

I'm trying to find combinations of words that'll make good with this beat,
I'm trying to find combinations of herb that'll taste good in this sweet
Me see I creep and I crawl and I creep and I crawl and I creep and I craw creep creep
Pull up like beep beep Street sweep,
When the moon drop we eat
took it off she was deescrete
She gone let me beat beat beat beat
made a vegetarian eat meat
Did it one time now she leech
Back to the titty bar 3 deep listen to the mayor when he feeds sheep,
Free popcorn baby we eat
After tonight I'm a need bleach
After tonight don't leave your girl round me true player for real ask my homie la PHLAIR
sitting shotgun puffin a square, Yo girl behind me she lovin' my hair
Chem trails and Chem strain both up in the air
Plus blvck in the back Rollin up on thin air
I said Blvck in the back rollin up on thin air!
Come fuck with a player
Come fuck with a player x2
Had an epiphany im thinking what about breakfast at Tiffany's
She had an epiphany she was now missing her necklace from tiffany's
Come fuck with a player
Come fuck with a player
ya, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya


We took peyote in the desert saw it all in a vision, what's with all the hesitation what's with all the division? What's with all the straight shooters now they curving they bullets, what's with all the straight cut now they turning to mullets,
What's with all the bad music
What's with all of the drugs
What's with acting like a bitch when you get all of the love
What's with all of the conspiracies and all of the buzz
You don't believe the whole thing but know a part of you does.
What's with people on they phone front row at my show,
What's with people getting nervous when they're seeing you grow, start to get a little high they bring you back to the low,
What's with living ignorant so you can go with the flow?
Now it's Lean and transformers so she slows her roll, rocking open toes living on the open road
old map marked up where she hopes to go, she just texted me some secrets I ain't suppose to know

got the world in her hand or her pocket but she don't wanna know. x2

Track Name: Open Season
40 ounce of that Old English,
Walking around with a bucket a paint, everything that i sow seemless,
The job was botched and I'm stuck in the bank
I was wearing suspenders, she was being suspenseful.
Doobies her boobies and margaritas everything was so simple

Failure to launch failure to load, failure updating info
Rolling around on the tempo
I think we've reached crescendo
This ain't really my shin dig
Let's hit the flamingo
Let's roll up extendos
Let's roll down the windows
Callin up some bimbos
You call up those freak hoes
I'll call up our equals
Then we gone make a sequel
da guy yo like pico
So suave tho like Rico
She gone off placebo
That's not incognito
Obsessed with your ego
Tuxedo mosquito
No lack of libido
She living lavida
Man you need to meet her
Man I just ta made her
gave her just the tip as if the bill was comped by the waiter,

Baby we can roll,
you can take control,
you can take a toll,
but im a take your soul. x2

Oreo Jones:
Call me in the PM for your free tera reading,
Got your party pants bleeding my nigga its open season.
In panama city beach in my viva la john stamps tee,
on a cloud nigga i'm wondering where the hams be,
hold it just like that,
in the dollar store with a screen print hat,
nigga where the party at,
where the party at,
no really mother fucker where the party at?
karaoke king on the throne,
stoned to the bone,
thousands of miles from home.
Sweet dreaming we stay scheming on the ghost gun summer we dream teaming.
Grab her booty,
and she callin' out,
where the gatorade she tryna fornicate, all my niggas all a board and we ride the wave.
Im hakeem olajuwon,
eating endless prong,
homie go all night long.
baby girl know my songs and she keeps on this beat is strong.
Doing drugs like its fruit by the foot give me numb chucks,
Gotta fatty going in like a dump truck,
nigga pizza roll, pizza roll
im in a shitty van pushing dumb luck.
On the road with renegades,
hobble on and we just got paid,
maybe you and your girls could trade,
in ya city fuck in your state.


I heard theres different levels of hip out in fountain square,
my playing cards against the spokes echoing through the fountain air.

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